If your child is struggling with a certain subject at school or just wants to refine an already great skill in a certain subject area, then investing in tutoring services online can really boost their learning. One-to-one teaching between tutors and students can give your child a huge advantage in their education journey.

Whether your child needs an English, Maths, or Science tutor there are many benefits to tutoring online and in face-to-face sessions. Here are 10 of the top benefits for your child’s learning.

1. Improve academic performance and exam results

This is of course the main reason for getting a private tutor. Evidence collected from seven countries outlines that, on average, the impact of regular 1-2-1 tutoring is the same as five additional months progress. But how exactly does it achieve this?

2. Personalised learning

One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is that each lesson is designed around the individual student. The syllabus and the student’s targets are all bespoke. To include areas where they are weakest, with a focus on specific goals, like GCSE success. 

3. Support with learning hurdles

All students will have areas of their study that they find a struggle or could use some more support with. However, in the classroom environment, the teacher may have moved on to the next area before the student has fully grasped the previous topic. That’s why tutoring can help recap areas for individual students, so they don’t get left behind. 

4. Study management and learning skills

Not just for the subject being tutored, but more general academic performance can be improved by learning the skills required to perform well in the classroom – such as time management, and how to prepare for exams

5. Improved confidence

Lots of students struggle with a lack of confidence, which can lead to, a lack of understanding of certain subjects. Improving confidence by catching up on learning, will help students struggling with confidence to engage more with the subjects. Students often learn the importance and gain confidence in asking questions in their tutoring sessions. This can then be transferred to the classroom where they are more engaged with their lesson.

6. Distraction-free learning

Less outside noise, such as other students, and more focused support from the tutor gives your child a distraction-less learning experience. Especially on specific learning outcomes, such as in an area where the student is struggling. This allows for faster progress compared to the classroom environment. 

7. Challenge students

Those who are understimulated (or just plain bored) in the classroom, may simply be finding it all too easy, which can lead to apathy in school. A tutor can push a student at the speed that is right for them and open up the joys of learning to that student again.

8. Support for students who are struggling at school

A study of almost 600 children in the US indicated that there were substantial benefits for children with reading difficulties. 

9. Prepare for further education

Further education, including at university, often requires much more self-discipline in study, than in school. That’s why tutoring can help develop a student’s study habits, such as the ability to create learning plans, advanced reading techniques, note taking and revision preparation. All vital for further success in education and beyond. 

10. Communication skills

1-2-1 tutoring is far more engaging for the student than a classroom environment. The need to speak and discuss subjects with a  tutor individually means that the student will quickly develop their communication skills, which are vital not just for their education but in their wider life as they grow and develop. 

Supporting your child’s learning

So, that is a run-down of some of the many reasons why tutoring can help support your child. You can discuss this with the tutors you connect with on our online tutoring platform, My Qualified Tutor. We help to ensure you find the perfect tutor, tailored to your needs.