What are the benefits of online tutoring? How do I find the right online tutor for me? Does online tuition work? Finding a tutor is not difficult, but with so many questions and options out there, finding the right one can be. In this short post we’re going to look at some of the questions you may be asking yourself in the early stages of selecting a tutor, and how My Qualified Tutor can help to simplify the process.

How do I Choose the Right Online Tutor for me?

To get the most out of a tutor, it is best to tailor the needs precisely to the student. Preparing for an exam? Or taking a more generalist approach to a subject? Are you catching up on one particular subject, like Maths, English or Science?

Before you get to the point of picking a tutor, there are some vital first steps that sometimes get overlooked. Firstly, assessing the child’s academic strengths and weaknesses sounds very obvious, but often gets forgotten. What subjects are they good in, and not so good in? Is this down to a lack of interest, historically poor teaching, or that they may have just got too far behind? 

What Should I Look for in a Kids Online Tutor?

Often the best place to start is to ask the student themselves. This will also help you to understand what type of tutor might be able to get the best out of the student because teaching styles vary, are important, and one student doesn’t always respond to things the same way as another. It’s long been established that a one size fits all approach to education is far from optimum, and that is likely one of the contributors to you looking for a tutor in the first place. Again, this is something that a good tutor will be able to help you with, and it is worth discussing on the first call. They may even be able to offer advice having spoken to the student themselves.

Involve the Student in the Decision making Process.

Make sure the student is on board with the decision of which tutor you go for in the end. Overly prescriptive decisions, taken without the student’s input, are usually not optimal. If a student is included in the decision-making process, then they are far more likely to commit to the idea of a tutor. And you are far more likely to find the right one too.

Finally, it is vital to understand the progress being made. When discussing the details of the arrangement with the tutor, agree on how you will be updated on progress against the work plan. This could be in monthly emails or phone calls, but it is important to get feedback from both the tutor and the student regularly to ensure that progress is staying on track, or if anything needs adjusting.

My Qualified Tutor, Choosing a Tutor made easy.

At My Qualified Tutor, we have simplified the process for you to find the perfect tutor, by filtering for subject and level taught. You can also see which of our tutors are currently working as teachers, perhaps specialising in a certain exam board or as an examiner. 

Each tutor on My Qualified tutor is referenced and checked, so there is no need to worry about that. And each tutor provides a short introduction of themselves, their specialisation and how they tutor, in their profile. It is important to find the right tutor, who will challenge the student whilst working to their strengths. Many are happy to jump on a short introductory call with you and the student so that you can gauge what a standard tutoring session could look like, and for both parties to understand exactly what is required.

And if you need any help, or cannot find what you are looking for, just message us here.