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Welcome to my qualified tutor

Founded in 2020, My Qualified Tutor is a free-to-use marketplace to find the best, qualified teachers to provide private online tutoring. Whether you are preparing for the new school term or for vital exams, we can help you find the perfect My Qualified Tutor to help you reach your goals. All of our qualified tutors are, DBS and reference checked. You can filter your search for UK Teacher Reference Number (TRN) accredited tutors too. Sign up now to view our database.

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We ensure each of our tutors are qualified through meticulous reference checks. We take this student-centred approach so that your learning experience delivers the improvement of skill and grades that you are striving for. Communication with your online tutor couldn’t be easier so you can set up a time and place for a lesson with zero hassle. Here at My Qualified Tutor, we work with you so that your learning goals are met in a way that suits your learning style.

Become a Qualified Tutor

If you’re looking to advertise yourself as an expert in your chosen field of study, My Qualified Tutor is the place for you to pass on your knowledge to passionate students. On our platform, you can easily communicate with parents and students to organise a time and place that suits you all to begin your learning journey together. With no fees or commission and an easy to set up profile, My Qualified Tutor put tutors and student learning first.